Headquartered in Singapore, 电子游戏网址 is a wholly owned subsidiary of 电子游戏网址. 电子游戏网址大全 Safety focuses on innovative and specialized safety products for clients in the Oil and Gas Industry, Petrochemical and FPSO Refineries, FPSO Marine and Ship building, Manufacturing, Engineering, Mining, Construction and Aviation industries.

Health and safety is an important part of any industry, and more so in the offshore sector, which is identified as a major hazards industry. Reducing the number of dangerous occurrences and injuries is among the top priority of the leaders in the Energy industry. The industry’s absolute commitment to continually improve process safety standards is another indication of the importance placed on safety in this industry.

电子游戏网址大全 Safety’s mission is to contribute to the industry in raising safety standards and providing innovative, creative and plausible solutions for the safety of the workers.

电子游戏网址大全 Safety offers specialised yet simple equipment for detectable and undetectable hazards at workplace. The efficient and effective solutions ensure optimum refinery performance by protecting workers and limiting downtime caused by injuries. 

  • Our Vision

    To be a leader in innovative solutions for detectable and undetectable hazards at workplace

  • Our Mission

    To achieve HSE and Process Safety excellence by raising industry safety standards and decreasing human risks through innovation, creativity and plausible solutions

  • Our Value Promise

    电子游戏网址 is committed to offer innovative solutions in meeting client’s needs and resolving client’s challenges by: Suggesting alternative products and services, Maximising our physical presence in prime locations in Singapore, US, UK and India offices, Capitalizing on technology, Using our experience and qualified expertise

Our Parent Company

电子游戏网址大全 International offers Engineering, Procurement, Supply Chain, Construction and Commissioning Services (EPSCC) for clients in the Oil and Gas Industry, Petrochemical and Refineries, Marine and Shipbuilding, Manufacturing, Engineering, Mining, Construction and Aviation industries. This it does by providing Engineering, Construction, Installation and Maintenance services with the support from our subsidiaries including 电子游戏网址大全 Procure, 电子游戏网址大全 Safety, 电子游戏网址大全 support services.

Among the premium providers of EPC services, 电子游戏网址大全 enjoys a wide range of experience in doing projects for multinational clients and home grown operators. 

Our Network

Through our extended global network and offices in several countries we able to deliver to our client anything they required on timely manner and most cost effective way. Our Offices, warehousing and storage facilities: 

  • Singapore-Head Office
  • USA-Newark (Delaware)
  • Indonesia (Jakarta)
  • India-Pune (MH)
  • UK- (Bristol) 
  • Malaysia-KL
  • Brunei
  • Bangladesh

Our Organisation chart stating the roles and responsibilities as stated below in.

We serve clients across the regions – in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Dubai, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, among others. We also serve small pockets of clients in Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia. 

Why Us ?

电子游戏网址大全 Safety strives to bring new and innovative solutions to help keep workplace safe. In our quest for excellence in Safety, we invest heavily on research strategies through case studies and expert opinions. We are connected to more than 500 relevant personnel in the Oil and Gas and Energy industry.

We have narrowed our scope to some of the areas of specialization, which include: Hands Free Safety, Hose Safety, Oil Spill Safety, Cable Safety, Rigging Safety, Anti-Slip products, Fall-Arrest, Fire Safety, Protective Clothing, Electrical Safety Kits and more. In each of these areas where Safety products are needed, 电子游戏网址大全 works with industry practitioners to gather feedback on 3 key areas:

  1. What are the existing equipment used to mitigate risk areas
  2. What is the level of mitigation and could this be improved further

  1. New areas of risks identified at rigs, platforms, refineries etc
  2. What is the current measure of mitigation if any

  1. Areas of undetectable hazards and possible areas of mitigation

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